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North West Hampshire Liberal Democrats

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Luigi Gregori ATCLuigi Gregori.

Former British Army Colonel Luigi Gregori served for 35 years in a wide variety of appointments which took him from the Falklands to Bosnia via New York and Naples. He is currently a councillor for Harroway ward on Andover Town Council. Luigi is involved in a number of charities including Friends of the Earth and CPRE as well as being a governor for a special needs school (Mark Way). He stood as the parliamentary candidate for North West Hampshire in the 2019 General Election where the Lib Dem team doubled their vote and vote share.

Luigi explains:

"How did I get into politics? My mother was and still is an ardent Thatcherite, but has a great sense of compassion and charity. My father was a staunch liberal due to his experiences in Fascist Italy and Nazi forced labour camps. My army career meant not indulging in politics, at least in this country, though work allowed me to take an interest in that of others. The Balkans, in my mind, highlighted the importance of liberal democracy and how lucky we are to live in one. I was also in Whitehall as a Colonel during the early years of the coalition, and whatever one may think of the results, there is no doubt of the fresh air brought into government. It was sorely needed after the Brown years."

"I joined the Lib Dems in 2015. I did feel some sympathy for the plucky liberals, and even Nick Clegg. When I went to vote in the local elections, I found no Lib Dem candidates were on the ballot paper. A former boss advised "Do not be a victim", meaning that we can all control our destinies if you get off your bottom. Unlike most other new members, I had the luxury of some spare time and got co-opted onto Andover town council. I started campaigning and attending party meetings, many much more fun than some of the Whitehall committees I have been on. The Lib Dems have some really good policies especially on social justice and the supporting vulnerable. The Key to all this is the NHS and Social Care. However, to translate policies into action means getting elected."

Luigi's primary interests are:

Social justice including protecting the vulnerable.

NHS and Social Care.

Good governance making sure residents get competent local and central government.

Planning and getting enough sustainable affordable housing.

The Environment (member of the Green Liberal Democrats).