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April 19, 2022 2:27 PM
By Luigi Gregori Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for NW Hampshire

What a depressing week in politics. Whilst the plucky Ukrainians continued to hold Putin's fascists at bay, we seemed to be lurching from one crisis to another back home. These include the cost of living crisis, ignored by the chancellor caught up in his billionaire bubble, and the energy crisis that is another opportunity missed. Instead of cheap renewables and insulation, we have no insulation and expensive nuclear.

Partygate keeps rumbling on with both Johnson and Sunak being fined. This will not be the last one for Johnson, and he will have a steady drip, drip of them to deal with over the coming weeks. Meanwhile Sunak's photo opportunities to burnish his common touch have turned out to be sheer inventions.

Meanwhile to cap it all, Patel and Johnson had the brilliant idea to ship those refugees which do manage to get here off to Rwanda, which is a human rights paradise. This was met by protests from across the political and religious spectrum. Not only does it 'not stand the judgement of God' but it is a very expensive solution to a problem of the government's own making. It offends British values. Meanwhile Afghans, but not Afghan rescue animals, let alone Ukrainians are still trying to navigate through Patel's bureaucracy. The excuse of threats to national security was waved through for Putin's oligarchs. The gratitude showed in massive donations to Johnson's party.

Unfortunately for Johnson, his cronies and his vision for Britain, we are a democracy. Johnson is not trusted, not considered competent, and not particularly well liked. It is time for Johnson to GO. Where we have local elections, and postal ballots will have started going out, we need to send Johnson's party a very clear message: GO. Do you want as councillors those who will be working hard for you all the year round or those who back Johnson and only turn up for elections? The choice is yours.