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Welcome to the North West Hampshire Lib Dem Website!

Thank you for visiting our website and thank you also if you are one of the many people who supported us in the elections in 2015.

For the Liberal Democrats, one of the most important things is to be accessible to local residents - all year round. We believe in letting local people know what we are doing and in actively involving people in shaping what happens in the local area. This website is a part of that - with a wide range of information about our campaigning locally and nationally.

If you have any suggestions of other information you would like to see on this website, please do e-mail us at info@nwhantslibdems.org.uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Recent updates

  • Thomas Cole
    Article: Jul 15, 2016
    By Thomas Cole

    Theresa May started her tenure as UK Prime Minister on 13 July, with the big decision awaiting her as to whether to trigger article 50 of the Treaty of the European Union, which sets in motion a member state's exit from the bloc. Although no member state can be forced by the other member states into activating article 50, internal conservative party politics, the markets, the position of the EU-27 and the electoral cycle across the continent will play an important role as to when this actually takes place. Of these, it is the last which may well influence the timing of any negotiations.

  • Article: Jul 13, 2016
    By Nick Hopkinson

    More than 4 million pro-Europeans recently signed the petition "EU Referendum Rules triggering a 2nd EU Referendum." The House of Commons' Petitions Committee has decided to schedule a debate on this petition. The debate will take place on 5 September at 4.30pm in Westminster Hall, the second debating chamber of the House of Commons.

  • Judith Bunting, Parliamentary Spokesperson, NWB Liberal Democrats
    Article: Jul 12, 2016

    Theresa May is the second female leader of the Conservative Party and in 48 hours will become Britain's second ever female Prime Minister. That is something people across the political spectrum should welcome.

    In terms of her policy outlook, however, Liberal Democrats have serious concerns that stem from May's time at the Home Office and some of the deeply illiberal policies she implemented and pursued.

  • Article: Jul 12, 2016

    Following Andrea Leadsom's withdrawal from the Conservative leadership race Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has called for an early General Election.

    A coronation of Theresa May as Prime Minister carries no mandate.

    Tim Farron, Liberal Democrat leader said:

    "Just 13 months after the last election the Conservatives have plunged the UK into chaos. It is simply inconceivable that Theresa May should be crowned Prime Minister without even having won an election in her own party, let alone the country.

  • Article: Jul 11, 2016

    Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has written to 7 Prime Ministers in fellow liberal sister parties throughout Europe, including the influential Mark Rutte of the Netherlands, asking for their support for a proposal to allow UK expats to reside freely in Europe even with Brexit.

    Tim was the first party leader to call for the UK Government to agree that EU nationals be able to remain in the UK after the referendum. Politicians from across the political spectrum bar Home Office Ministers seem to agree with this and they have been savaged by MP's.

    Next Tuesday, Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Tom Brake is proposing a bill to offer protections to EU citizens.

    The Liberal Democrats have now called for foreign governments to do the same for UK expats living abroad.

    Tim is also calling for the EU governments to not even look at plans to hike taxes on Brits with property or businesses abroad as a 'revenge' for Brexit.

    The top destinations for British expats in the European Union are Spain (host to 319,000), Ireland (249,000) and France (171,000)

  • Summer Extravaganza
    Article: Jul 11, 2016

    We would love to see all members, friends and supporters at this year's Summer Party, details below. RSVP.

  • EU / UK flags
    Article: Jul 7, 2016
    By Mike Biden

    Timetable for BREXIT Negotiations

    In charting a course towards a final settlement of Britain's position vis a vis the European Union we need to be aware of the European context within which we are a player. The following dates are important when considering how events might play out and what options may be possible.

  • Article: Jul 7, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign to safeguard student access to the Erasmus Scheme. Brexit now puts the exchange scheme at risk.

    The Erasmus Programme is a European Union student exchange programme established in 1987. Millions of British people have benefitted from the scheme over the last thirty years, and over 100,000 were due to take part in the next few years.

  • Lib Dem 15000
    Article: Jul 7, 2016

    The Liberal Democrats have their highest membership for a decade after attracting 15,000 new members to the liberal movement since the referendum result.

    This followed Tim Farron's announcement that the party would fight the next general election as the only UK-wide party committed to protecting Britain's relationship with Europe.

  • Tom Brake
    Article: Jul 6, 2016

    Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Tom Brake has tabled a bill that would give European citizens residing in the UK the right to stay in the country if we leave the European Union.

    The move follows Tim Farron's demands that the government offer assurances that those Europeans who have made their roots in the UK would not have to leave in the event of Brexit.

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